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Real-time & On-Demand Video Streaming Services
Town of Davie Video Streaming
The latest form of open government, with video streaming services you can reach constituents over the internet and provide them with access to important municipal meetings they may not be able to attend in person or view over your cable access channel.  Regardless of whether they are full time citizens or summer residents they will now be able to be kept aware of what's going on in town in order to make important decisions that may affect their lives and property values.

With e-City Services video streaming services you can easily stream meetings over the Internet, while saving the meeting in digital format for archival storage.  Either in real-time or once the meeting is complete you can index the video file to items on the agenda to provide better customer service and accessibility.  You can even embed links and attach files to your video index to provide even more access to important information.

Economic Development:  In addition to meeting videos you can also store and stream key interviews and economic development videos to help promote your city as a great place to live, work and play.

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  • Turnkey h.264 digital encoders for live streaming video
  • Compatible with mobile devices (h.264)
  • Unlimited 7/24 streaming of live or rebroadcast meetings
  • Bandwidth to support a minimum of 4,000+ simultaneous streams
  • Unlimited bandwidth, no additional transfer costs
  • Indexing of video to meeting agendas to maximize capabilities
  • Agenda integration with e-Agenda Builder for video indexing
  • Audio simulcast for low bandwidth and mobile users
  • RSS feeds to notify subscribers when new media has been added
  • "Rich Search" functionality to find media containing content within the index
  • Multiple player formats to accommodate all applications (320, 480 & 640 widths)
  • Non-indexed media for PSAs, interviews, and economic development videos
  • "TinyClip" to provide discreet URL to video sections to accommodate FOI requests
  • Unlimited on-demand storage for up to 5 years
  • Unlimited media streaming for low fixed annual costs
  • Server Side Recording for instant publication
  • Real-Time Indexing for instant video indexing
  • Podcasting to eliminate the need for live Internet connection