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e-Agenda Packet Management
e-Agenda Web ExampleThe e-Agenda Builder module is designed for municipalities with few departments and/or those that simply wish to manage the entire agenda process in the Clerk's office.  You will be able to easily create agenda items using a template customized to your specifications, attach any supporting documentation directly to each agenda item, and link each to your Council agenda.  The resulting file will provide easy access to everything that is available to your Council quickly and easily.

Customized Department Templates
We can customize one or more templates to meet your specific needs.

Each template is a simple, fill in the blank form that is very similar to any word processing document you may already use.  The author simply gives it a unique name and title, much the same way you name and save a word processing document, enters the appropriate data into the document, and if needed, attaches supporting documentation as web-ready, Adobe® Acrobat® PDF files.

Unlike many agenda management tools, your agenda will be a text based, HTML page which will load quickly, allowing citizens to view the entire agenda and click on the links for the supporting documentation for the items they are most interested in.  Each supporting agenda item will be a web page, with attached PDF files when necessary, rather than one very large Acrobat file that could take forever to download.

Custom Agenda Item TemplatePostponed and Tabled Agenda Items
Occasionally agenda items get postponed before the agenda is finalized.  Should this occur prior to publication you can simply select the appropriate item and "move" it to next month's agenda folder.  All supporting documentation automatically goes with it.  For items that get tabled during a meeting, you can easily "copy" the item to the next month's agenda folder.  All supporting documentation stays attached.

  • Standardize agenda items formats
  • Reduce paper processing
  • Provide more information to citizens
  • Reduce photocopying costs
  • Eliminate “panic” prior to agenda creation
Agenda Printing and Archiving
With either module we can now show you how you can easily create a single Adobe® Acrobat® PDF file that can be used for final printing and archiving to digital storage.

Auto Routinge-Agenda Workflow Routing & Notifications
Providing citizens access to the same backup material available to your commissioners is not only keeping with the spirit of the Sunshine Laws, it can actually save you significant time and money over the old way of assembling meeting agenda packets.  With the e-Agenda Packet Workflow application service you can now originate agenda items electronically in each department, attach supporting documentation and route the item through your approval process without printing and moving a piece of paper.  Supporting documentation never has to be downloaded so we've eliminated the possibility of losing track of any item. Each user in your approval hierarchy can add comments to the item and select another option from the routing menu to deliver the item to the next level of approval.